Nhabe Museum hosts Signature Art Exhibition

In these gloomy COVID 19 times, art has almost taken a back seat as everyone is trying to make sense of this crisis. However, for one Thamaga native, art is and should be seen as a place of refuge and sanity in this new normal. Thabo Kgatlhwane, who describes himself as a “walking artist management […]

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The Famous Morula, A Generous Tree

In Southern Africa there is an attractive tree which people and animals love as it provides shade and delicious fruit. The morula tree is now known more widely because of an alcoholic liqueur that is sold commercially and many people still remember video footage of elephants behaving drunkenly after having eaten maybe a few too […]

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Ker & Downey Inspires Mathiba I Memorial School.

Ker & Downey has been providing great safari experiences to their guests for years now, highlighting the beauty of Botswana and helping to turn into a go to tourist destination. The company has also committed itself to preserving the natural environment of Botswana as well as developing the social and economic status of the communities […]

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Elephants For Africa Hosts ‘Living With Elephants ‘ Workshop

Botswana’s elephant population has increased over several decades, which has led them to significantly expanding their range. Around 78% of the elephant population is found outside protected areas and with ecological changes in the north, this number is only going to increase. Working with the affected communities is important to alleviate human-elephant conflict and to […]

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The Mokgalo Tree

Mokgalo is one of the Setswana names for Ziziphus mucronata Willd. subsp. mucronata in the Family Rhamnaceae. The family is commonly called Buckthorn, perhaps this helps explain why one of the English common names for Mokgalo is ‘Buffalo Thorn’?! The Afrikaans common name for this tree is ‘wag-‘n-bietjie’ meaning wait a bit which is explained […]

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Maun Comes Alive With #TagMaun Movement!!

The theme is “Promoting Cultural Tourism” and our local artists have started a movement #TagMaun, as a starting point in their journey. From poets, photographers, painters and singers, the goal is to turn Maun into a tourist destination, and not just the ‘Gateway to the Okavango Delta’ as it is currently known. The term ‘TAG’ […]

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Maun Community comes together for Beach Clean-Up Campaign.

The Maun Beach has been the gathering spot for the locals and visitors of the town for some years now, with the river being the main source of attraction. This is where friends and families meet up for picnics, boat rides and games. Unfortunately for the Maun community the river had dried up, hence bringing […]

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The Feverberry or Motsebe tree.

The tree Croton megalobotrys Müll.Arg. is in the family Euphorbiaceae. The scientific generic name Croton is derived from a Greek word ‘kroton’ which means ‘tick’, referring to the insect-like bloodsucking parasites, who’s shape is similar to the seed of this genus. The specific name megalobotrys is derived from Greek words meaning ‘large cluster’ in reference […]

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Travel For Impact Hosts Public Speaking Workshop.

Travel for Impact was pleased to organize a public speaking workshop for various participants from our community partners, including youth from Bana Ba Letsatsi; students from Tsodilo Junior School; and employees from MAWS and Travel for Impact. The workshop was held on August 2nd at the Airport Hotel and led by Mandela U Johnes, a […]

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