Travel for Impact (TFI), based in the village of Maun, Botswana, is a social enterprise that links the travel industry with local community projects in Northern Botswana.

Our strategic engagement includes four main pillars: Children & Youth, Conservation, Culture & Heritage, and Women. Our work is carried out with community at the centre.

Travel for Impact aims to bridge the gap between the tourism sector and civil society, allowing visitors and tourism companies to give back to the communities which host them. This is responsible tourism. At Travel for Impact, we believe that conservation and development start with people and communities. Creating ownership and responsibility within the tourism industry is where we begin.


Inspired, Empowered And Engaged Communities


Through partnerships in the tourism industry, TFI aims to promote responsible tourism in Botswana by providing core services and funding to community initiatives.


Since 2014, Travel for Impact has made invaluable partnerships with Safari companies throughout Northern Botswana. These organizations generously donate a portion of their revenue to Travel for Impact through the Bed Night Bank, and/or the 1USD per Bed Night fund. These donations are directly reallocated to our community partners, and other community projects.



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1USD per Bed Night supporters will donate a minimum of 1USD per night that a guest stays with their company. This means that Travel for Impact receives at least 1USD for every night that is booked through our travel partners. 


A Bed Night is a night occupied by a guest at one of our travel partner’s accommodations. Bed Night Bank supporters will donate a number of Bed Nights to Safari Destinations which are managed on behalf of Travel for Impact. This means that Travel for Impact receives the full amount paid for those Bed Nights. 


Tourism has become the second largest contributor to Botswana’s economy. As the industry continues to grow, Travel for Impact hopes to provide travelers and safari companies with opportunities to travel and operate responsibly. Responsible Tourism makes it possible for visitors to enjoy the pristine landscapes and wildlife of Botswana, while also contributing to the social impact that tourism has on community development. Our travel partners have committed to giving back by sponsoring local initiatives that help the environment, and also improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of the community. 


Travel for Impact provides core funding for organizations which lie within our four areas of focus. Travel for Impact provides continuous and consistent support to our community partners so that they can focus on what they do best: building up the community. Providing core services and funding also promotes sustainability.