TRAVEL FOR IMPACT is a powerful, unique and dynamic Social Enterprise. We aim to change lives by working from a grassroots level to address community identified needs, through a simple, yet effective method of giving back. Travel for Impact reallocates funds from the tourism industry back into community initiatives. This is made possible by building lasting, symbiotic relationships with our community and travel partners.




Travel For Impact is proud to partner with some of Botswana’s most exclusive and highly regarded lodges, camps, tour operators and hotels who have pledged at least 1 USD per bed night. This money has already gone a long way to support our local community partners.

If every tourist who slept in our beautiful country paid 1 USD for every night they spent here, we would raise in excess of 300,000 USD per year.



We support community development through interactive marketing and commerce. However, we recognize that funding is only part of the story. We also work hand in hand with the management of all our community partners by giving practical guidance for effective and sustainable operations. We aim to bridge the gap between the tourism sector and social welfare, creating a space for travel partners, as well as visitors to make positive change through travel.


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