Feed A Child Strives to Improve Nutrition in the Community.

Feed A Child Botswana was created in 2012 with the goal of addressing the nutritional needs of the community, particularly focusing on children. The goal is to sustainably empower individuals through proper nutrition by providing a nutritionally optimal meal to those that do not otherwise have access to sufficient nourishment. Feed A Child distributes Nutrimeal, a fully fortified porridge that when mixed with clean water, provides a meal with adequate daily vitamins and minerals. Nutrimeal is distributed daily at Kgotlas across Maun to children under 6 years, with take home weekend mix provided. Elderly people who are unable to access sufficient sources of nutrition are also eligible for Nutrimeal, in the form of a weekly supply of mix.

The Botswana Government’s Poverty Eradication programs specifically identify orphans and vulnerable children, as well as elderly with ailing health, as populations in need of support. For children specifically, adequate nutrition in the first 5 years of life is critical in creating a foundation of optimal health, growth, and neurodevelopment. When children receive the nutrients from Nutrimeal, they are better prepared to face their day to day activities and in the long run have a healthier immune system.

The community has sensed and appreciated the progressive work Feed A Child has been doing. Our team went out in the field to attend a distribution process to interview some of the families who where present. The common theme is most parents are incredibly happy. Wame, grandmother of 1 year old Rose, who’s been receiving food from the program for over a month said; “My granddaughter has been gaining weight and is growing at the same pace as the other children her age”. She was also happy to report that; “Her immune system has strengthened drastically, she isn’t getting sick as much anymore”. She continued to speak about how vulnerable children are today; “their immune systems have trouble fighting off common sickness that threatens their young bodies”.

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