Nhabe Museum Director Strives To Make Positive Changes

It has already been a busy beginning of the year we’ve had here, so we took a moment to sit and  have a chat with the new Director of The Nhabe Museum, Mr Salani Gambule and he was excited about the plans he has for the Museum.

Mr Gambule is a University of Botswana Graduate with a Degree in Sociology and Environmental Sciences. He developed a love for nature and tourism after travelling abroad and so decided to pursue this career path.

“I did my Professional Guide License in Maun in 2014 and went on to be a guide. I was more interested in the administration side as well hence looked for Management opportunities. This particular job is great for me although it has its challenges. The Museums are not being fully funded by the government so we have to come up with strategies to make them income generating entities. Another challenge is there are not enough artifacts in the Museum because they have been taken back by the community.  My role is to re-build these relationships and encourage the community to work with us and donate these artifacts so they can showcase their heritage. Another change I would like to see happen is, more people from the community visiting the Museum. There is a misconception that the Museum is only for tourists, but this is not the case. I want them to know that this a place to learn and appreciate the local culture, I’m particularly focused on engaging the youth and getting them involved in the development of this Museum.”

We are glad that the Nhabe Museum has a leader who is passionate about what he does and look forward to seeing great things from this young man.

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