AGLOW Hosts Annual Christmas Lunch

dsc_0660“I am so happy,” says one of the attendees at this year’s AGLOW Christmas Lunch. On December 10, 2016, AGLOW – Polokong hosted their annual Christmas Party. This event was attended by over two hundred elderly people from throughout the community. Every year, the elderly look forward to this event (some even showed up at 6 AM!) and it’s no surprise why. The event had music, singing, dancing, and most importantly, food!


Destination Management Company, Safari dsc_0690Destinations, who sponsored this year’s food, was also in attendance. “It’s just so great to be here!” Chantal, the General Manager of Safari Destinations exclaims. “It’s great fun; it’s good to hear the laughter and the singing,” she says. In addition to sponsoring the food, staff from the Destination Management company were hard at work chopping, dicing, and mixing. It is all part of their ‘500 hours’ initiative in which employees volunteer 500 man-hours to the community.

dsc_0661However, with so many people in attendance, AGLOW faced some challenges. Large numbers resulted in some food delays. In the meantime, attendees listened to music, sang, and mingled.

Despite this setback, attendees were still very excited to come together and celebrate. “When we arrived, we were so excited to see our fellow age-mates,” one attendee remarked. “We may have eaten late, but we were happy to have come here to enjoy ourselves.”

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