‘It helps maintain their dignity:’ Desert & Delta Safaris Continues to Support Tsodilo School


Sitting in the office, we hear the recess bell ring and watch as students rush to meet their friends. Across from us, Mr Lubinda, the guidance counselor from Tsodilo JSS smiles at us, eager to discuss how Desert & Delta Safaris (DDS) is making a difference in the school.

Beginning three years ago, Desert and Delta Safaris (DDS) started sponsoring Tsodilo Junior Secondary School. They began by sponsoring an annual motivational safari trip for 20 kids (10 top achievers and 10 disadvantaged) and providing 10 kids with uniforms, bags, stationary, and school supplies.

Today, with Travel for Impact as the liaison, the relationship between DDS and Tsodilo JSS has grown even stronger; DDS has since taken on an additional 10 kids to sponsor with supplies.

These uniforms and school supplies are going a long way for the students who need them. Student Guidance Counselor, Mr. Lubinda, explains that students used to come into the office with tattered clothes and torn shoes. However, since DDS’s contribution, “they now have smiles on their faces – they look like any other student,” he says. The donation of these essentials “helps maintain the students’ dignity;” now nobody needs to know that they come from poorer families. This has gone a long way to boost their self esteem and helps them focus on their studies.

DESERT & DELTA SAFARISFurthermore, Lubinda has high praise for the annual motivational safari trip. Not only does this trip give students the unique opportunity to learn about the country’s diverse wildlife, but it also helps with the students’ studies. “It helps all the students’ motivation,” Lubinda explains, “there is a sense of competition and all the students work hard to be able to go on the trip.” This excursion provides incentive and encourages the students to study hard and make school a priority.

Sponsorship from Desert and Delta Safaris is part of a five-year plan and the relationship continues strengthen. “DDS has made a tremendous impact on our students” says Lubinda, “we are very appreciative!”

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