For just under a decade, Poetavango has been enriching the quaint town of Maun with poetry and spoken word art. They have been the driving force of local culture and bring together the community through performance. Poetavango is a community based, not for profit organization with a strong mandate for freedom of expression and community involvement. Over the last few years Poetavango has grown both in numbers and forms of artistic expressions. Although based out of the small town of Maun, Poetavango is most well known for its international festival bringing together poets from all over the world to celebrate the power of spoken word, Maun International Arts Festival. The 8 day festival is a celebration of local literature, poetry and visual arts. Both nationally and internationally recognized the festival is the largest event put on by Poetavango and is sponsored by a long list of generous donors. Not only does the festival target the general public, but Poetavango works hard to engage the youth within both primary and secondary schools, through poetry competitions leading up to the festival. It is thanks to this creative and dedicated group of artists that Maun is becoming known as the poetic capital of Botswana. The festival this year runs from October 24th to October 31st, and promises to be one of the most inspiring and uplifting events of the year. Free of charge, Poetavango encourages everyone in the community to stop by at this annual event, promoting free expression of all.

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