Often overlooked in our busy society, the elderly are often forgotten. With a large focus here in Maun being street kids and youth, Polokong International is a one of a kind organization with a deep passion for care and love. Providing daily support and companionship to the elderly and destitute here in Maun, Polokong runs solely on volunteers and donations. Providing healthy meals and transportation to various places, Polokong is changing the lives of those left behind by society.

Working with seniors sixty and up, Polokong cares for nineteen clients. They provide daily meals for five days a week, help with cleaning their properties, help them with self-care and hygiene, and take them to collect their pensions. Usually these elderly have no living family or relatives to help them. Thanks to the volunteers, lives have been changed by these daily interactions. Volunteers have witnessed feelings of bitterness and loneliness, transform into appreciation and happiness by one simple visit.

“God has remembered me and brought me more children, and more friends.” A client tells a volunteer.

Polokong also works to create support systems for their clients. Through group events and Christmas parties, elderly can meet and interact with others to form relationships. Polokong’s annual Christmas lunch gets the elderly out of their house and into an environment filled with love and friendship. Donors often give presents and food for the party, which is always a hit. Another event is the annual picnic, put on to foster relationships between the elderly and the youth. This picnic allows people of all ages to come together and learn about each other’s lives, history and much more.

With big ideas for the future, Polokong is looking to expand its facilities to create a community centre. Funded by the government and various donors, the centre will be for elderly people to come to during the day to eat and meet others. This will offer the same care, but in one central location with the added bonus of giving them the chance to make friendships with others, while spreading local history and culture to the community. For this centre to become a reality, Polokong is looking to expand their team of volunteers and secure funding to ensure the needs of the vulnerable in society are met.

Just one of the many success stories Polokong has had is that of Martha*. With no living relatives and no way to perform daily duties, Martha was deeply depressed and bitter. After partnering with Polokong, a family was found and relocated to Martha’s property where they now live. The house and yard was a mess and dirty, she was unable to provide herself with meals and relied solely on the groceries provided by Polokong. The family now helps her cook, clean the house and most of all, offers her company. This has transformed Martha’s life; once a very sick and lonely old lady, Martha is now a pleasant women who appreciates life and dances at the little things. It is stories like this one that truly show the impact Polokong is having.

Despite the many success stories, Polokong struggles to survive on a small budget and a numbered staff. Relying on donations, the organization cannot provide everything they would like to. Many chiefs of villages reach out to the volunteers asking for their help and for them to make visits but despite this need they don’t have the resources. To give proper care to their clients, Polokong needs a permanent staff and a constant supply of materials to hand out to the elderly. Please visit POLOKONG to find out more.

*People’s names has been changed.
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