TRAVEL FOR IMPACT is a powerful, unique and dynamic Social Movement  with a vision to change the lives of many through a simple yet effective method of giving to give back. Working with the travel industry, every time you spend a night in Botswana, the travel industry gives USD1 back to the community via TFI.

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If every tourist who slept in our beautiful country paid USD1 for every night they spent here, we would raise in excess of USD300,000 per year.

This is our mission. Ambitious? We think not!

Already, we are working with some of Botswana’s most exclusive and highly regarded lodges, camps, tour operators and hotels who have pledged USD1 per bednight. In turn, this money has already gone a long way to support our local community partners.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT from other such initiatives – we combine the power of commerce with the need of the community by directly taking from one which wants to give and giving to one which wants to receive.

Simple yet effective.

However, we recognise that funding is only part of the story.  We work hand in hand with the management of all our community partners by giving practical guidance for effective and sustainable operations.  For further information, please see our latest Impact Report.