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Core Impact

We all know Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) play an increasingly important role within our society.  At Travel for Impact, we believe that community development is not achieved by addressing only one issue. As a result, we have adopted a holistic approach and support organizations that address various aspects of the community – focusing on the areas of Children & Youth, Conservation, Culture & Heritage, and Women.

Travel for Impact provides our ‘Core Impact’ partners continual, monthly financial support to pay salaries, rent, supplies, etc. This support gives our partners security and enables continuity. Furthermore, our staff document their activities, profile their accomplishments, and provide other specialized support (see About Us). Travel for Impact celebrates the work of these organizations and enables them to reach their full potential.

Travel for Impact’s community partners were carefully selected due to their expertise in their field, their passion, and their dedication. Combined, they have over 60 years working within the civil society sector and each play a vital role in Ngamiland’s development.


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Community Bus



When we approached our ‘Core Impact’ partners and asked what they needed, there was one common request: transportation. Even when these organizations do have vehicles, they struggle to find a budget for fuel and oftentimes staff had to put other projects on hold to drive. Our solution is the ‘Community Bus.’

In a joint partnership with destination management company, Safari Destinations, the community bus was launched in September of 2016. No longer do our partners need to worry about fuel, a driver, or maintenance. In the morning, the Bus picks up children and takes them to Bana Ba Letsatsi (BBL), after that, it delivers food to AGLOW’s elderly, in the afternoon, it transports shelter patrons for WoMen Against Rape (WAR), and in the evening, it drops BBL’s kids back off at home. The bus is also frequently used for community events.

We are thrilled that this partnership between Travel for Impact and Safari Destinations has resulted in such an amazing initiative that covers some of the major costs of our community partners – transportation. The bus is a great example of what Travel for Impact can do when partnered with the tourism industry.


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